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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you pronounce your name?

Novialdi rhymes with Vivaldi, the Italian composer.

2. How much is it for a design?
It's like asking how much is it for a house? It depends. We won't know about the number before we have a thorough discussion concerning the project. On the sort of business. On who is the target market. On the scope of the project. On how many works I need to produce. On how soon the works need to get done. On what is the scale of the company. Et cetera, et cetera. Potential client has to elaborate about their background, their vision and more. Go into details. A two sentence email doesn't even begin to cover it.

3. I need you to design such and such. How much?
When sending a proper work inquiry, please describe the project in great detail. Explain about the problem, about the expected solution, the background of the company, the brief, the budget, the timeline etc. It would be so much better if there's a brief prepared before-hand. A vague two liner e-mail such as this will not receive any response.

4. I just need a simple, fast and cheap designs. It wouldn't take too much of your time. Can you do that?
The projects I work on are the ones that have to sparks my interests. Either in the theme, the product, the artistic freedom, or the great possibility to produce the works with interesting printing effects. So if you're looking for fast and cheap, I'm afraid I may not be the right person.

5. How do you choose your project?
I devote myself wholly to each project, so they have to be worth while artistically and of course financially. But if it's a project for a good cause or the client is the people I'm a fan of, I could do it for much less.