Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Calligraphic Flourishing Corona Ironwork Design Divine Music for the Violin Framed in Grey Moulding Beautiful Interior
Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Calligraphic Flourishing Corona Ironwork Design Divine Music for the Violin Framed in Grey Moulding Beautiful Interior

Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin is revered among musicians as the most divine and sacred music ever written for the instrument. The main body of the violin is formed by countless delicate calligraphic lines that flow and swirl around each other. It represents musical harmony where there are tensions and releases. The design incorporates elements from the violin's construction. Framing above and below the calligraphic violin are the Corona Ironworks. They are ornamental designs that crown the whole piece.

Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Bernini Curstom Lettering Elegance in Gold and Purple
Novialdi Dropcap No.1 Vintage Lettering Ampersand Glyph Typographer's Favorite

These dropcap letters are designed to be used mostly as the centerpiece of a design. With a skillful design setting, this dropcaps elevates the whole feel of the design into another level of elegance. The inspiration of style come from various calligraphy. From the modern cut of Didone style . From illuminated manuscripts to vintage French signage lettering.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Tolkien Typography Map Design
Moon Queen Design

Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Typography & Illustration

A visual interpretation of Tolkien's famous quote. The concept behind this design is 'The Wandering Line'. The flourishing line around the text not only serve as an ornament but also tells a story. Following the line from the leg of the R in the word "ARE", the line wanders off to a journey through Middle Earth until it reaches the word "LOST" and curling down to J.R.R. Tolkien's name. Character silhouettes appear on the ornamented border around the map.

Illustration Artwork Inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Ballet
Swan Lake Spencerian Illustration Drawn in Fine Engraving Lines
Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Illustration Swan Queen and Black Swan Odile Artprint Design

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is a much-loved work that lies at the heart of classical ballet productions. This elegant hand-rendered illustration describes the lake on which the enchanted Swan Queen Odette and her companions swim. The illustration is rendered with pointed pen and ink in the style of copper engraving.

Vernoux French Capsule Cap Gold Foil Design Chateaux Touraine Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Packaging Bottle Liquor Design
Vernoux French Wines Packaging Design Red Wine Gold Bottle Premium Package

The design of Vernoux french wine bottles captures the opulent and rich taste of the elixir inside. The Vernoux wines range from the boldly alluring Cabernet Sauvignon to a clear and bright Sauvignon Blanc. The dropcap V takes center stage and surrounded by a flurry of decorations of acanthus leaves, flying hummingbirds, and grape vines foil printed in gold.

I S E H Family Grand Monogram Gilded with Palladium on the Sea of Prussian Blue
I S E H Monogram Personal Luxury Correspondence Envelope and Letterhead Stationery Set Design

This sumptuous monogram artwork is an elegant illustration of a family crest. The four member of the family is represented by the letter I, S, E and H. The monogram is coronated with a royal crown and flourishes of aesthetically pleasing scrolls and leaves. The letters is gilded with 24carat gold.

James Ehnes and Kate Monogram Ironwork Design with Gold Violin and Ballet Shoes
James Ehnes and Kate Family Monogram in Luxurious Blue Teal and Gold Frame in Bedroom Interior

A monogram artwork specially produced for James Ehnes and his wife. This three letter monogram was designed to resemble a royal heraldry. The monogram is framed with ironwork design that incorporates some details about the patrons. James Ehnes is a violinist and Kate, his wife, is a ballerina. A gold violin and a pair of ballet shoes crown the fantastic artwork.

50th Birthday Greeting Design for Prof. Marcus du Sautoy of Oxford University
Birthday Greeting with Elegant Diagram Design and Hidden Numbers for Mathematician
Artistic Diagram Design Binary Codes as Mathematician Birthday Design

Marcus du Sautoy 50th

Lettering & Typography

A 50th birthday greeting design for Prof. Marcus du Sautoy who is the Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, UK. The piece was designed to look like an artistic diagram. It includes elegant typographic treatment to the type, binary pulse and ornamented rim design that grows from a simple shape to a more complex one that adds beautiful touches to it.

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