Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you pronounce your name?

Novialdi rhymes with Vivaldi, the Italian composer.

2. How much is it for a design?
It's like asking how much is it for a house? It depends. We won't know about the number before we have a thorough discussion concerning the project. On the sort of business. On who is the target market. On the scope of the project. On how many works I need to produce. On how soon the works need to get done. On what is the scale of the company. Et cetera, et cetera. Potential client has to elaborate about their background, their vision and more. Go into details. A two sentence email doesn't even begin to cover it.

3. I need you to design such and such. How much?
When sending a proper work inquiry, please describe the project in great detail. Explain about the problem, about the expected solution, the background of the company, the brief, the budget, the timeline etc. It would be so much better if there's a brief prepared before-hand. A vague two liner e-mail such as this will not receive any response.

4. I just need a simple, fast and cheap designs. It wouldn't take too much of your time. Can you do that?
The projects I work on are the ones that have to sparks my interests. Either in the theme, the product, the artistic freedom, or the great possibility to produce the works with interesting printing effects. So if you're looking for fast and cheap, I'm afraid I may not be the right person.

5. Can you design me a tattoo or a simple monogram for wedding invitation or a present for significant others?
These types of project tend to be very small scaled and the person asking this usually only willing to invest very little on it. For this reason, I'm afraid I won't be able to participate in it. But of course, there are exceptions when it comes to special people. You can always ask first.

6. I would like you to make a monogram for me. How much is it going to be?
The monograms I produce aren't meant for casual use. They require a lot of time and effort to produce. They are for the clientele that will cherish the artwork and can afford such a couture piece of work. The monogram often requires a specialized printing technique and a wide range of application. Let's just say that a couple of hundred dollars budget won't cut it.

7. I have a start-up company and I want you to design me a logo or packaging or whatever. But I'm on a very limited budget. Can you do it?
There's a limit on how small I'm willing to work on a particular project. Therefore you should tell me the project's scope and budget for it. It will help me to determine whether I would be interested or not.

8. How do you choose your project?
I devote myself wholly to each project, so they have to be worthwhile artistically and of course financially. But if it's a project for a good cause or the client is the people I'm a fan of, I could do it for much less.

9. We are inviting several designers to submit their works for our new logo (or whatever). But only one winner gets the prize. Would you be able to participate?
Let me get this straight. I'm being asked to contribute my creativity and hours of works without being paid in the hopes that if I win, and only if I win, that I will get compensated. In design industry that is called 'speculative-work or spec-work' and that is frowned upon by respected design associations.

10. How is your creative process?
I always start with a thorough research and hand drawn sketches. Narrow them down and refine the options. After the client chooses one, then I move to creating the final artwork in analog or digitize it.

11. How fast do you work?
It depends on your need and my schedule. I can work fast, I can work slow and I can work really slow. Finding inspirations takes time. Creating a hand drawn lettering poster with gilding also takes a lot of time. Digitizing a copperplate engraving illustration definitely takes more time. The more time devoted to a piece of work, the more timeless it becomes.

12. After I've seen your sketches, can I make changes?
I don't do multiple revisions and adjustments going back and forth, back and forth. Know that the designs shown to you had been carefully thought out and what I consider as the best solution. Trust my artistic judgments because you've hired me to do something that you cannot. If you feel that changes are necessary, please do so in a considerate manner. List all your requirement clearly. Those requests will be taken into consideration.

13. What is the best condition for you to produce the best works?
Client plays a big part. They are whom I work with, not work for. Those that are open-minded, receptive, considerate and courteous are my favorite people to work with. Ample time frame. And give appropriate rewards.

14. What is your style?
Classically beautiful. Elegant. Meticulously crafted. Shows a high degree of sophistication. Even if there are no strategy nor concept behind a particular work, at least it looks artistic.

15. Can I use your design for my personal or commercial or non-commercial uses?
All of my works are protected under copyright law. You do not have permission to use them for any kind of purposes without my written consent. All the images on this site are not to be copied, resell, duplicated or recreated. Please don't steal my ideas and artworks. Designing is how I make my livelihood.

16. I bought one of your artprint. Can I make copies?
Even though the poster is sold to you, the artwork contained is still licensed as the property of Andrew Novialdi. By purchasing the poster, it does not give you the rights to duplicate, resell or use it (in whole or as a part) for any other purposes (commercial or non-commercial). Please respect the workmanship and thought that goes into making the artwork.

17. I'm a fellow designer. Can I use your ideas for my design?
Although I'm flattered that you find my work to be very good, what you intending to do is called plagiarism. It means stealing other people's ideas, thoughts, and expressions. Afterall, my designs were created in accordance to the unique briefs of each project. Surely it could not be the best solution for your brief. Better do your own research and come up with a genuine solution. It will be much more satisfying. Be original!

18. Does your store ship world wide?
We ship to most countries. Fill in your address to find out the shipping cost.