f all the greatest writers, J.R.R Tolkien has cemented his legacy in the fantasy genre. His works are much loved and remain influential in the modern culture. The concept behind this design is 'The Wandering Line'. Following the line from the leg of the R in the word 'ARE', the line wanders off to a journey through Middle Earth. It walks, leaving footmarks behind. It rides fast , marked by the dotted lines (most possibly being chased by nasty packs of orcs). It sharply changes course (perhaps it forgot to bring a pocket handkerchief like Bilbo did). It ventures out to the sea on a ship. Until it reaches the word 'LOST' and curling down to J.R.R. Tolkien's name. Not only the line becomes part of the ornaments, but it also serves as a storytelling element. It becomes a path of an adventure. The map was redrawn from Tolkien's own sketch.

The Ornament Line Surrounding The Quote Represent The Path of an Adventure Venturing The Different Areas of the Map

The flourish around the text not only serve as decoration but also as a wandering line going on an adventure around Middle Earth. The journey starts from the letter R in 'Are', meander around and ends in Tolkien's name.

Tolkien is synonymous with his lore of Middle Earth and the element of his stories are incorporated in this design. In the surrounding border, you will find silhouettes of the important characters of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. Some may find it fun to identify the characters (some fairly easier than others). Mount Erebor with its secret door is prominent near the Moon.

The letter design is inspired by European ancient maps. The border ornament combines both Dwarf and Elf's distinct cultures.

The border ornament is in a way inspired by the cultures of the dwarves with its rigid structure, and also by the elves with their floral and nouveau inspired ornaments. There are also 4 circles in the corners. The sun and the moon indicate the ancient times and place where this lore lived. The beautifully drawn rose compass indicates the orientation. The lines extend out of the center for a heightened dramatic effect. Tolkien's monogram is on the bottom right corner.

Middle Earth Design Comes in Two Color Variations: Ivory Parchment and Imperial Blue

The artwork comes in two color variant: Ivory Parchment and Imperial Blue.

The artwork comes in two color variant. The Ivory Parchment is synonymous with ancient maps. The Imperial Blue color creates a more dramatic inversion from the Ivory Parchment.

Renaissance Style of Clockface Sun and Moon Design

Renaissance style of clockface Sun and Moon design.

Border Ornament Contains Silhouettes of Various Middle Earth Characters

The border ornament also includes silhouettes of the various Middle Earth prominent characters.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Tolkien Typography Map Design

Size: 53 x 40 cm / 20.8 x 15.7 in
Media: Vector
 Burgo 9Lives 55Silk Coated Paper 250 gr

Gilded with 24carat Gold


Ungilded Artprint


Artprint Series - Love Joy, Love Blues, Love Lost


Artprint - Love Joy


Artprint - Love Blues


Artprint - Love Lost


Artprint Series - Ivory Parchment & Imperial Blue


Ungilded Artprint


Gilded with 24carat Gold


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