Novialdi Dropcap No. 1


Media: Vector

What you’ll receive:

  • For a Single Letter Purchase: Any single letter of your choice. Please indicate which letter you choose in the Checkout page Order Note. You will receive a single letter in three styles. For example letter “A” in Normal, Basic, and Blonde.
  • For Complete Family Purchase: The complete family of 26 alphabets and an ampersand in three styles: Normal, Basic, and Blonde. The Type Specimen will also be included in the package. The Type In Use designs shown here is just for samples.


  • You are not allowed to use this as a logo or part of a logo. Contact me for the rights to use it as a logo.
  • You are not allowed to alter the shape of the design. When in doubt, please contact me.

Each of the letters of this typeface set is designed to be used mostly as the centerpiece of any design and to be used in single or two letters at a time. Most often they are used as an initial letter to attract the viewer’s attention to the beginning of a passage or a poster.

They work well as monograms of one and up to three letters combination (with some adjustments). This typeface set also carries with it the interior decoration, and the color application is flexible enough for a wide range of design possibilities.

This typeface consists of three styles: Normal, Basic, and Blonde.

Read more about the design.

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Single Letter, Complete Family