The Shades of Love (Series)



The design series consist of: Love Joy, Love Blues & Love Lost. You will receive 3 artprints.

31 x 46cm / 12.2 x 18.1 in
Media: Museum-quality luster paper.
Shipping Method: Rolled in a Tube.

There will be a white area around the artwork because it is printed on a larger paper. You can trim it out before displaying it.


Love is a four letter word and yet it conveys such a complex and wide spectrum of human emotion.

This series of design explores the delicate layers of this emotion. Each piece presents a particular fruit and flora specifically selected for their colors, shapes, their unique names, or their cultural symbolism. The fruit and flora are painted with watercolor in a traditional fine art manner. Each artwork is painted in a realistic way so to appear life-like.

Love Joy speaks about that feeling that makes us feel head over heels for someone. It what makes the world more colorful and the birds singing. The cherries and redcurrants are the best representation of this feeling.

Love Blues tells a more subdued story. The figs are chosen for their incredible artistic shape. Their colors are also more subdued yet no less beautiful.

Love Lost conveys the poignant moment when we lose someone we love or when we simply fell out of love. The white tulip symbolizes the loss.
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Dimensions 12.2 × 18.1 in

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